Skedlive for Thursday, Nov. 16, 2023
Humber students stage walkout after student pulled from class
A small number of students rallied at Lakeshore campus last Tuesday against the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and the actions Humber took against a student who spoke out against the conflict by putting up stickers. Participants, some waving Palestinian flags and the keffiyeh — the Palestinian scarf that... Read more
Skedlive for Thursday, Nov. 9, 2023
Chess gets on board for more students 
at Lakeshore campus
Humber’s chess club has been in check since its launch last year. The club has officially made it into an extracurricular activity for students to join at the Lakeshore campus. Club president, Evan Stathopoulos, says he was inspired to start a chess club from a school he previously attended.... Read more
The Hummm: Episode One – Life After Humber
Welcome to the first episode of The Hummm, a podcast created entirely by students in Humber College’s Bachelor of Journalism program. In this episode, our student reporters will introduce you to different Humber alumni and bring you short stories about life after graduation. First up, the story of an... Read more
Humber takes major role in innovative learning in Bhutan

International collaborations aren’t new to Humber. However, in this project, the college will innovate the complete educational system in Bhutan.

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Humber’s culture clubs get together to spread information and celebrate diversity
Humber’s Lakeshore campus was the scene for Culture Day on October 12, an event hosted by the First Year Experience program to give students an opportunity to learn more about the diversity present in our campus. “We’re here to invite the students at Humber,” says Sabber Reza, president of... Read more
Humber seeks to push new tech with new program

Recently, Humber launched a new Creative Technologies program. What the course is about and will this education be useful for students in any way? Find all the details in the article below!

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Students continue to feel impact of Lakeshore library closure

The Humber Lakeshore Library, one of the main study spaces for students, has been closed since July and the opening is nowhere near. How it affects students and what the college plans to do about it? Find out in our newest article!

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Humber hosts Black Excellence Showcase

Humber’s North Campus hosts a celebration of Black culture

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