NeedorGreed Protest
NeedorGreed organized a protest in Queen’s Park on Nov. 17, 2022, for a freeze of tuition fees for international students. International students provide 68 per cent of tuition revenue which accumulated to be $1.7 billion last year which was more than colleges received in provincial grants. This event was... Read more
Black Friday 2022: How different will it be from last year?
As the inflation rates settle down slowly, Black Friday 2022 might look different for Canadians. A new report says holiday spending in Canada is expected to shrink consumer spending power. Canadians are cutting back this holiday season as we expect a recession next year and a worsening economy. Holiday... Read more
New art exhibit at Humber features art from Nuit Blanche
Audio text: In today’s art news, Humber College presents Wagari: Dabiyil, Biram – Vessel: Water and Sky exhibit or the Carmichael exhibit. This exhibit displays the commissioned cyanotype textile created by Sonja, Elisa Jane and Freja Carmichael for Nuit Blanche. The art piece was one of the commissioned arts... Read more
Humber College suspends journalism degree program
Ever since high school, Fernando Bossoes, a first-year international student in Humber College’s Bachelor of Journalism program, knew he wanted to become a journalist. Bossoes, who is from Brazil, chose to study journalism in Canada for its comprehensive and wide-ranging selection of multimedia journalism education. “In my country, journalism... Read more
FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup submerged in political controversy
Sportswashing is a term used to represent the practice political world leaders or companies use to distract people at events, such as the World Cup, from the social and humane injustices in their country or corporation. Coined in 2018 after Russia hosted the 2018 FIFA World, sportswashing has come... Read more
Skedline Radio Cast Nov. 10
Skedlive for Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022
Immigrants make up nearly a quarter of Canada’s population, StatsCan reports

By Fernando Bossoes

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Skedlive for Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022
Canada to temporarily lift the limit on working hours for international students
Minister of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Sean Fraser announced on Oct. 7 that Canada will temporarily lift the limit on the hours international students can work off-campus in an effort to address Canada’s labour shortage. The measure, which will be in effect from Nov. 15, 2022 to Dec. 31,... Read more