After the results: The Cross Canada Project – Alberta
Stevie Rae Elgersman just cast his first vote in a Canadian federal election, and… well… it certainly didn’t go as Stevie had hoped, but it didn’t become the absolute worst-case scenario. With the new Liberal minority, Stevie is concerned that none of the issues that are important to him... Read more
After the results: The Cross Canada Project – Quebec
On Monday, October 21, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was re-elected and will now oversee a minority government. We previously talked with Nancy Jiung, 20, a medicine student in Quebec City, Quebec. She wasn’t very engaged with politics but had decided to vote. In a follow-up chat with Jiung, we... Read more
After the results:                            The Cross Canada Project –       New Brunswick
By Luka Tskhadaia New Brunswick newspaper reporter Fallon Hewitt joined the studio one more time to discuss the outcome of the recent federal election.  Hewitt, who is a graduate from Humber’s journalism degree program, talks about working election night as a reporter for the Telegraph-Journal in Saint John,... Read more
After the results: The Cross Canada Project – Ontario
Barrie, Ont. resident Jacob Sanderson, 19, says he is perplexed with the results of the 2019 federal election. The advertising and marketing graduate says he is not a “fan” of the Liberals and had wanted the Conservatives to win a majority government.   Sanderson says Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer... Read more
After the results:                 The Cross Canada Project – Prince Edward Island
The Canadian election has reached a conclusion with the Liberal Party and its leader Justin Trudeau forming the country’s next government – a minority one. As the country moves forward with these results, it is also time to reflect on how the outcome will affect the future. This is... Read more
The Cross Canada Project – Six Nations Mohawk
Brittany McGrattan is a 20-year old pastry chef at St. Anne’s Bakery in Grafton, Ont. She is Six Nations Mohawk and says the environment and Indigenous issues are the most important to her in the election. “I hope that they put a plan into action to help prevent climate... Read more
The Cross Canada Project – Mohawk First Nations
Jared Canfield is a 21-year old student of Mohawk descent. He studies at the University of Ontario, Institute of Technology (UOIT). Canfield shared his perspective on the federal election and what issues he hopes are addressed by leaders, both for Indigenous communities and in general. Read more
The Cross Canada Project – British Columbia
Pamal Mangat, 19, lives in the city of Kelowna and is studying at the University of British Columbia.  Mangat says the top issues he wants to see addressed by the next federal government are climate change, transportation, tuition costs and taxes for post-secondary students. Mangat says his generation feels... Read more
The Cross Canada Project – International
Kartikeyee Gurav, 20, moved to Ottawa in 2017 for his degree in Computer Science. He holds an international student status at Carleton University, expecting to graduate in 2021. Gurav lived in Baroda, Gujarat, India for 18 years of his life. After graduating from high school, he couldn’t be more... Read more
The Cross Canada Project – Anishinaabe First Nations
Cole Turner, 22, is Anishinaabe, currently living on Lake Temagami in Ontario. Cole spoketo about his take on the election campaigns, the issues at hand and his hopes for the future of Canada. One issue in particular that Cole talked about is the clean water crisis preventing First... Read more