Indoor market warms Etobicoke community
By Justin Field No farming gets done on what’s left of Thomas Montgomery’s former property, these days. What came to be known as Montgomery’s Inn, was built around 1830, by Thomas and Margaret Montgomery, farmers and Irish immigrants. At one point, the Montgomerys owned 400 acres of farmland, between... Read more
Making healthier eating choices a continued focus for Humber
Humber’s Centre for Healthy Living (CHL) is glad to see that Canada’s new food guide is serving up healthy choices. “The new food guide is more reflective to what the students have been learning in the program.  They are able to continue on this by looking... Read more
Humber fashion experts size up SAG fashions
By: Katia Sist There were many different looks posing on the silver carpet at Screen Actors Guild Awards last night. Although the SAG Awards is not nearly as formal as the Oscars, fashion is a huge part of the celebration. Many outfits had common trends of metallics, polka dots,... Read more – Animal Day brings fuzz and warmth to chilly semester
Across several hours, specialists from Pawsitively Pets gave students some time to de-stress. Away from learning, guests also picked up on new facts with the animals they held. Skedline Reporter Clement Goh speaks, pets and cuddles with the Humber’s latest visitors. Read more
Buzz about BuzzFeed cuts
“Difficult Changes” is the title of the memo BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti sent to staff, confirming that cuts to 15 percent of employees will take place. The memo was sent to staff on Wednesday after rumors of layoffs began circulating the day before. The cuts, which are expected to... Read more
Humber College community looks to erase stigma around mental health
The Humber College community is looking to erase the stigma surrounding mental health by sparking conversations about the topic. “Just as you would go to the doctor for pain that you feel,  it’s really important to be able to share with someone your journey, to have somebody to support... Read more
Double Launch: Lakeshore Grounds celebrates two-year anniversary with new art exhibits
Skedline Reporter Clement Goh flies up and down the stairs for two art exhibits that celebrate the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre’s two-year anniversary. Read more
Murmurations art collective will host its first gallery exhibition.
“Six Directions,” a new gallery exhibition which aims to show the different paths people take throughout their lives, will have its reception on Sunday Jan. 27 at the Etobicoke Civic Centre. Skedline reporter Vanessa Gomez has the story. Read more
Short films bring long-term messages to Lakeshore gallery
Short film anthology connects to discuss indigenous culture. An empty gallery in Lakeshore’s L-Space echoes with vocals. A projector flashes images of snow, lighting up the dim environment. For more than 20 minutes, a series of short films show life in a different place away from our urban habitat.... Read more
Ice Skating at Colonel Samuel Smith Park
With temperature dropping below zero degrees people are enjoying outdoors winter activities at the Colonel Samuel Smith Park ice rink.  Reporter Vanessa Gomez and Videographer Naila Tahir went down to the ice rink to talk to people. Read more