Brandon Gonez hits Toronto with a dutty newscast
By Anastasia Coulson-Gagnon Tuesday’s winter storm hit hard and was quite nasty, but social media hit back harder, and happier. CP24 news anchor, Brandon Gonez, was reporting live downtown Toronto early Tuesday morning. With the winter storm in full effect, Gonez said this in his cast: “We are experiencing... Read more
Young and the poorly rested
By: Alex Arsenych and Tierney Angus The following article may be triggering for millennials who are always tired, bogged down by responsibilities that are a struggle to juggle and who feel guilty for complaining about the inability to complete the simple and menial tasks of “adulting.” If you are... Read more
Marijuana effects clouded in mystery
By: Joey Chini & Brandon Burnett   Rolling up and smoking weed has permeated pop culture to the point of ubiquitousness. Everyone sings along to Nate Dogg when he hollers “smoke weed everyday” on Dr. Dre’s The Next Episode (on an album named after weed). It has become socially and culturally... Read more
Leaked healthcare documents fuel fire between Tories and NDP
In a news conference Monday morning, NDP leader, Andrea Horwath released a second set of leaked documents detailing what her party is calling the provincial government’s proposed “private and for profit” health care system. This comes after the first set of documents were released by the NDP last Thursday.... Read more
Salt and the city
Our series on winter road salt continues. Reporter/Director: Tierney Angus Videographer/Editor: Joey Chini Editor/Audio Mixer: Breanne Coulter Read more – Animal Day brings fuzz and warmth to chilly semester
Across several hours, specialists from Pawsitively Pets gave students some time to de-stress. Away from learning, guests also picked up on new facts with the animals they held. Skedline Reporter Clement Goh speaks, pets and cuddles with the Humber’s latest visitors. Read more
Torontonians at more risk of slip and fall in winter conditions than they may think
By Brandon Burnett and Breanne Coulter, for Torontonians on the roads may be in the clear, but with the fluctuating weather, many commuters may be at more risk of injury due to slips or falls than they expect. According to a 2016 report by Toronto Public Health, between... Read more
Pinch of salt: Humber College overseasons sidewalks
UPDATE: The Humber Office of Sustainability reached out after press time with the following comment: “While salt is the center of the product that we use, it is coated with a product that is not as corrosive and since it is slightly expensive, it incentivizes individuals using the salt... Read more
Humber College community looks to erase stigma around mental health
The Humber College community is looking to erase the stigma surrounding mental health by sparking conversations about the topic. “Just as you would go to the doctor for pain that you feel,  it’s really important to be able to share with someone your journey, to have somebody to support... Read more
CKO Kickboxing in Etobicoke’s Lakeshore
Reporter Cassandra Turco and videographer Rosen Castillo report at CKO kickboxing in Etobicoke-Lakeshore Read more