Skedline Newscast- April 2
Skedline Reporter Raven Smith reports on the day’s top news stories.   Read more
UofT architects go deep into South Etobicoke’s industries
 Architects from the University of Toronto’s Daniels design school embarked on a walk through South Etobicoke. Despite being surrounded by industries, the group also found culture and unique businesses within the area. Read more
Skedline Sports for April 2, 2019
Architects discuss South Etobicoke’s unusual business growth since the 1950’s.
A Walk Amongst the Workplaces is a project by the University of Toronto’s design and architecture staff that explores the progress of areas such as South Etobicoke. For decades, this part of Toronto saw an “unplanned” result of locals being caught in industrialization. This is Part 1 of 2... Read more
Ignite looking at redesign fixes for Lakeshore Campus
By Raven Smith-Grange Humber’s student government Ignite is proposing a Lakeshore campus redesign as part of its five-year strategic plan. But there is little detail about the redesign, which is mentioned briefly in a four-page document titled the Chief Executive Office Monitoring Report. According to minutes of a board meeting held on Oct.10 2018,... Read more
Fashion Ins and Outs of 2019
Reporters Makayla Pereira and Natalia Yurieva talk about the newest fashion trends and ways to improve your wardrobe. Read more
Ignite educating students on taxes with free seminars
Tax season is in full swing and can often be a stressful time for many who are unsure of how to organize and file their paperwork.  In order to help students, understand the confusing world of taxes, Humber Ignite is holding a month of free tax clinics from March... Read more
Toronto Police investigating vandalized posters in Humber’s  multi-faith prayer room
By Naila Tahir and Clement Goh Toronto Police officers are looking at campus security footage to see if the person or people who wrote anti-Muslim hate messages on posters outside the multi-faith prayer room can be identified. The defaced posters were found by last Wednesday, March 20, a day... Read more
Skedline News – Thursday, March 21
Bre Coulter has today’s top stories.     Read more
Winter Is Over (yay)
Written by Tierney Angus and Alex Arsenych Winter was bad. Very, very bad. ^ everyone’s face this Winter season But, with Spring officially beginning at 5:58 p.m. today, things are going to get way, way better… right? WRONG! #MeanwhileInCanada #Spring — Meanwhile in Canada (@MeanwhileinCana) March 16, 2019... Read more