Ace Watkins: Gamer for President
Somewhere in between the Presidential campaigns of major candidates like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden is a candidate that approaches the political world in an unorthodox fashion. Ace Watkins is a Presidential candidate whose platform focuses on video games and how we can use them to our... Read more
Why did Bernie choose a small union hall for a campaign event? Because it fits him so well.
Sen. Bernie Sanders held a campaign rally Saturday at the cozy SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Hall in Concord, NH, which left some people wondering as they left: Why did he choose this place? The venue was small and left very little in the form of free space. The room looked... Read more
Bernie Sanders rally draws in larger crowd than anticipated
Sen. Bernie Sanders held a Get Out The Vote canvas launch Saturday afternoon at the SEA/SEIU hall in Concord, NH that drew such a large audience that it spilled into the hallway.  Sanders began the event by apologizing to the crowd for the overcapacity. He said that there was... Read more
Beating Trump outweighs the issues according to Democratic voters
As Democratic presidential candidates continue to criss cross the state of New Hampshire looking for all the votes they can find, a pattern has emerged:  Voters are looking for someone who can beat Donald Trump. According to a CNN exit poll from Iowa, more than six in 10 Iowa caucus goers said they would rather... Read more
Mayor Pete Buttigieg holds first rally since Democratic debate, in Keene, NH
Pete Buttigieg, who has been rising in the polls before the New Hampshire primary next week, had his first event since the Democratic debate in front of a large crowd at Keene State College Saturday morning. “We’re so excited to be here in Keene to ask for your vote,”... Read more
Vermin Supreme: The presidential candidate you’ve never heard of
Time travel, free ponies, and zombie preparedness are just three policies in 58-year-old Vermin Supreme’s satirical presidential campaign. He was seen canvassing through a local community college in Nashua, NH yesterday, shortly after Sen. Elizabeth Warren concluded her Get Out The Vote event at the same venue.  Supreme drew... Read more
Elizabeth Warren is fighting for a better future
Elizabeth Warren is prepared to fight back against corruption. The Senator from Massachusetts hosted a rally at the Nashua Community College on Wednesday in preparation for the New Hampshire primaries.  Education is the most important aspect to Warren as a former educator.  She is hoping that her platform will... Read more
Protesters interrupt Biden during his first NH event
Two separate protesters yelled at former Vice-President Joe Biden at a rally Tuesday, interrupting the 2020 presidential candidate during his first New Hampshire event since the Iowa Caucuses. One man yelled at Biden about how he was a bad person. Quickly, many Biden supporters started to yell back at... Read more
Skedline News Cast Jan 22
Skedline goes through the top news stories from across the globe. Read more
Homelessness death toll passes 1,000 names
The Church of the Holy Trinity’s Toronto Homeless Memorial passed 1,000 names on January 14, following the death of Daniel Duncan the day before. Community members... Read more