“Crazy Marxist nonsense”: IGNITE and Ford’s new financial plan
Breanne Coulter Updated: Feb. 28, 2019. The Globe and Mail reported that Ontario Premier Doug Ford accused Ontario student unions of “crazy Marxist nonsense” in a fundraising e-mail this week. This statement follows recent post-secondary funding changes which will give Ontario students the option to opt out of student... Read more
News Cast for Monday Feb. 11 2019 (with Aaron Ranson)
Skedline.com Anchor Aaron Ranson reports the top news headlines for Feb. 11 2019. Read more
Cat Lake First Nation has declared a state of emergency after independent companies found mould – or traces of mould – in all 128 homes and deemed 87 homes uninhabitable. The MP for Timmins-James Bay area, Charlie Angus, visited Cat Lake on Tuesday with the investigators. He says he... Read more
Students rally at Queen’s Park to protest OSAP changes
Reporter Rosen Castillo and videographers Makayla Pereira and Natalia Yurieva report from Queen’s Park for the March for Student Rights. This rally was just one of the many protests across Ontario where students voiced their concerns about changes to post-secondary funding. Read more
Humber’s student union faces bigger responsibilities in financial relief at OSAP protest
IGNITE’s North VP expresses awareness for OSAP-affected students at Feb. 4 rally in front of Queen’s Park. Clement Goh SKEDLINE Reporter Humber’s student government, IGNITE, took part in a provincial-wide rally in Toronto on Feb. 4. Along with other unions from UofT, Ryerson and Loyalist College, IGNITE’s board members... Read more
Leaked healthcare documents fuel fire between Tories and NDP
In a news conference Monday morning, NDP leader, Andrea Horwath released a second set of leaked documents detailing what her party is calling the provincial government’s proposed “private and for profit” health care system. This comes after the first set of documents were released by the NDP last Thursday.... Read more
Protest without pickets: Student guide to slacktivism
By Breanne Coulter, for Skedline.com   Students in the Greater Toronto Area are gathering at Queen’s Park, today, Friday to protest the provincial government’s changes to financial assistance. Many students may not be able to participate in the weekday protest to exercise their democratic right either because of class... Read more
Students mobilizing to protest OSAP cuts
By Liam Harrington and Justin Field Protests against the Ontario Government’s proposed changes to OSAP and tuition are scheduled to take place at Yonge-Dundas Square at 2 p.m. on Friday January 25, 2019, and at 12 p.m. on Monday February 4 2019. Read more
Injunction Lifted On Trump’s Transgender Ban
U.S. President Donald Trump’s restrictions on transgender troops are allowed to proceed following a 5-4 Supreme Court decision issued on Tuesday. The justices did not rule on the merits of the case but instead chose to grant the Trump administration’s request to lift injunctions issued by federal judges. In... Read more
Bill C-46 may further strain relationship between youth and Toronto Police
In an effort to crackdown on impaired driving, the Federal government introduced Bill C-46, which was passed in June. The new impaired driving laws came into effect on December 18th, 2018 across Canada. The new laws allow police to demand breath tests from drivers without probable cause, but young... Read more