Emma Harris: The Evolution of Anxiety
Emma Harris is an aspiring journalist with a love for feature writing. Emma has worked as a freelance intern in her home country, Trinidad and Tobago where she learned to love writing about culture and different people. Through her studies at Humber College, she was able to hone her... Read more
Mental health among young people worsens during pandemic
By Josh Welsh In a time of uncertainty and great difficulty, one of the major impacts COVID-19 has had on young people is with their mental wellbeing. Chris Jian, a 23-year-old law clerk at a Toronto law firm, is one of those affected. “I had just started my job... Read more
Keeping track of your mental health as you prepare for final exams
The end of the reading week is bringing deadlines for final projects closer and exam week is around the corner. Keeping track of their mental health and preparing both mentally and physically for the weeks ahead can help students succeed during this busy time of the semester. Managing stress... Read more