#TODeadlyStreets: An interactive map
By Fallon Hewitt and Devon Imrie According to the Toronto Police Service, 35 pedestrians have lost their lives in traffic related incidents this year in Toronto. These numbers put a new emphasis on the issue of pedestrian and cyclist safety. On Oct. 21, TPS put out a news release... Read more
I’m Scared of Cyclists

Driving down Lakeshore Boulevard on a Tuesday morning, I find myself shouting (from behind closed windows, of course) at cyclists who bike beside my car. It’s usually because I’m scared of killing them.

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Could Toronto be more cyclist friendly?

While Toronto has made steps towards having more bike lanes and bike infrastructure, former mayor David Miller is among those who say more could be done to accommodate cyclists.

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Bike Pageant a pipeline dream for cycling guru

We all may have our own uses for bicycles – commuting, recreation, fun or even exercise – but participating in a Mr. and Mrs. Bicycle pageant may be a little less well known.

For Humber College film professor and cyclist Andrew Ainsworth proposes a bicycle pageant as a an avenue to celebrate the culture of cycling in Toronto .

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Beat rush hour with e-bikes

For those looking for a fast way to avoid gridlock, e-bikes are becoming one of the best bets.

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