Courtesy: Wikicommons The murder of an Iraqi man in Dallas has caused a southern Muslim group to work closely with police. Dallas police confirmed that Ahmed Al-Jumaili, was shot and killed outside his apartment last week as he watched his first snowfall. At this point in time, no motive... Read more
ISIS abducts 90 Christians in Syria
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has captured at least 90 Assyrian Christians on Monday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The terrorist group had reportedly taken the hostages last Tuesday from two Assyrian villages after defeating Kurdish forces in the region of Hassakeh, Reuters reports.... Read more
Eight people killed by gunman in Czech restaurant
A gunman opened fire in a Czech restaurant today, killing eight people before turning the gun on himself. The town of Uherský Brod’s interior minister said the attack was committed by a lone gunman who is most likely “insane” and not a terrorist. The gunman notified a national television... Read more
Islamic militants pose no ‘imminent threat,’ police say
Edmonton police say Islamic militants pose no imminent threat even though a video from al-Shabaab recently encouraged terrorist attacks on shopping malls. Investigations are underway with the help of the RCMP and other federal authorities. Deputy Chief Brian Simpson said police have “a very good working relationship with West... Read more
British teens flee home to fight for ISIS
Three British teens have left their home country to join ISIS forces over the weekend, CBC reports. Shamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and an unnamed 15-year-old flew from London to Turkey last Tuesday without notifying family or friends. Police are “extremely concerned for their safety,” seeking help through... Read more
Mohamed Fahmy bailed out in Cairo
Mohamed Fahmy, a Canadian journalist for Al-Jazeera who has spent over a year in prison in Cairo was released today after being granted bail while awaiting a retrial on terror-related charges. Fahmy a dual citizen of Egypt and Canada posted about U.S. $33,000 in bail. He is not required... Read more
Taliban attacks Pakistani Mosque
At least 19 people were killed in Peshawar, Pakistan in a gun and bomb attack on a Shi’ite mosque on Friday. Radical Sunni Islamist groups often target mosques frequented by minority Shi’ites, whom they see as infidels. Armed men broke into the mosque, where people were attending Friday prayers,... Read more
Fighting in Ukraine intensifies after peace deal
Fighting in Eastern Ukraine intensified today, a day after a peace deal was reached in Minsk. The fiercest battles were over control of the town of Debaltseve, a strategic town in between rebel-held areas. The group responsible for monitoring the ceasefire, due to start at midnight on Saturday, said... Read more
Boko Harram attacks in Chad
Boko Harram killed several people in Chad on Friday in its first known lethal attack in that country according to residents and security forces. Dozens of militants arrived early in the morning by motorized canoes to the fishing village and set houses ablaze and attacked a police station. “They... Read more
Picasso’s electrician on trial for allegedly stealing art
BBC NEWS – The trial of Pablo Picasso’s ex-electrician and his wife begins today. The couple is accused of stealing 271 pieces of the famous cubist artist’s work, worth more than $95.5-million. Pierre and Danielle Le Guennec say that the artwork was given to them by Picasso’s second wife,... Read more