Too close to call: The presidency hinges on results from Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania
Trump, Biden race still far from resolution With almost all polls closed, the race for the presidency is still too close to call. In some cities, results may not be announced until at least later in the day.  Former Vice President Joe Biden had a narrow lead as election... Read more
Inside a Trump rally: Talking to the president’s supporters
Last Monday, Feb. 10, President Donald Trump filled the SNHU Arena in Manchester, NH with his supporters. Some people camped outside the 12,000-seat venue for hours and, in some cases, days, so they could get into the building where they filled almost every seat to see Trump in person. ... Read more
Waiting for Trump
President Donald Trump will be holding a rally Monday night in Manchester, NH at the SNHU arena at 7 p.m., but this didn’t stop supporters from showing up early. Some streets surrounding the arena have been closed off well in advance of Trump’s appearance and some supporters have formed... Read more