Ontario government shuts down “non-essential services”
Ontario Premier Doug Ford held a press conference on Tuesday, to give an update on measures the provincial government is taking to prevent the COVID-19 outbreak.  Ford announced that “non-essential” services would be shut down by midnight Tuesday. The government released a list that determines what is considered an... Read more
  Robert Bruce Ford, Toronto’s contentious former mayor, has died at the age of 46 in hospital after a battle with a rare form of abdominal cancer. In his more than 16 years working in Canadian politics, Ford built an army of followers behind his name. Known for his... Read more

Rob Ford could be off the wagon.

Toronto’s mayor has admitted he was drinking a “little bit” when he was caught on a video posted on YouTube today that shows him speaking and cursing in Jamaican patois at a Rexdale restaurant.

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After a chaotic meeting Ford now ‘Mayor in name only’

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s budget and powers were curtailed in a chaotic meeting at City Hall, that saw the city’s top elected official effectively reduced to Mayor in name only.

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Coun. Minnan-Wong doesn’t back down to Ford fury

Mayor Rob Ford’s key item took a bulk of the time on Wednesday– the first day of November’s city council meeting.

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Ford bobbleheads draw a charitable crowd

Bobbleheads of scandal-plagued Toronto Mayor Rob Ford had people lining up as early as 5 a.m. Tuesday to buy the autographed dolls to help raise money for the United Way.

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