Canadians question Harper government’s sincerity to fight climate change
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s absence from the critical UN climate Summit on Tuesday raised renewed questions about his sincerity to fight climate change. “This prime minister has shown no leadership on climate change and indeed can’t even be bothered to show up,” said Liberal leader Justin Trudeau during question... Read more
Bringing fair trade to Humber
Fair Trade week is here at Humber College, but will it catch on with students? Sponsored by the the Humber Public Interest Research Group (HumPIRG) the event aims to persuade the Humber administration through the student body to adopt a fair trade policy for businesses on campus. Supporters of... Read more
Ontario Worst Roads Campaign begins tomorrow

Last year, Dufferin Street was voted as the worst road in Ontario. This year, motorists have the opportunity to select its successor.

The South Central Ontario branch of the Canadian Automobile Association starts its annual month-long campaign to name Ontario’s worst roads tomorrow.

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Project tracks vulnerable Toronto bats

Toronto, like many cities, has a population of bats living within its borders, we just don’t have a superhero running around, dressed like one. In order to better protect these creatures of the night, the Ontario Species at Risk Stewardship Fund has teamed up with The High Park Nature Centre who are planning a community urban bat project.

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Volunteers create safe shelter for Toronto’s feral cats

According to Bill Howes of Toronto Street Cats, there are “about 100, 000 feral cats” in Toronto. His organization is one of several in the city that works to care for these animals and control their population.

These vast numbers of cats comes from lost pets, abandoned cats and cats that were born to the street says Howes. He adds, “They generally live in colonies of three to thirty cats.

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Architecture students vie for kiosk design

Eighteen student groups from Ryerson University’s architecture program participated in a design competition for Artscape Wychwood Barns’.

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Students will be able to carpool at two campus locations now.

Humber Sustainability Committee has partnered with Smart Commute to help people find someone to carpool with as well as have access to emergency ride home.

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Gone are the days when bikes were mainly found on noisy playgrounds or curbside in perfectly manicured suburban neighborhoods. Cycling is bigger today than ever, and it is enjoyed and employed by a wider range of North Americans with many using it as a mode of transportation as well as leisure and exercise.

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Focus on consumer demand necessary for environmental defence
Dozens of protesters gathered at Toronto City Hall on Saturday November 16th to participate in Defend Our Climate. The rally was specifically focused on the proposed changes to Enbridge’s Line 9, a 38-year old pipeline that runs under Toronto. Read more