Is art a crime?
Art has always been able to move people in certain ways, whether for better or worse. When vandalism is paired with litter, broken windows, and other signs of disobedience, it influences people to act out. According to Live Science, graffiti causes people to litter and stealing in neighborhoods. The... Read more
City run program turns vandalism into neighbourhood art
A city program that set out to combat vandalism is turning into a tool for neighbourhoods to bring art to their streets. The StreetARToronto – or StART – program is responsible for a number of murals that are popping up around Toronto that simultaneously showcase an artists work and... Read more
Q&A with SKAM

SKAM, known by friends as Jay, has been apart of the Toronto graffiti scene since the early ‘90s. His work can be seen around various neighborhoods like Parkdale, Kensington Market and Little Italy. He started off tagging like most other graffiti artists but now he is commissioned for his work. His work can be seen on the sign and exterior of the Queen and Spadina pop-up restaurant, Come and Get It.

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Opinion: The art of graffiti

In an attempt to clean up the city, Mayor Rob Ford announced in late July a new plan to get rid of the graffiti on city property.

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