Toronto’s shelter shortage calls for government action
TORONTO – Ongoing shortages in Toronto’s homeless shelters calls for government action as more unhoused individuals struggle to find shelter out of the cold weather. Shelters have reached maximum capacity almost every night this year. Extreme cold weather alerts, blazing snowstorms and freezing temperatures characterize Toronto’s coldest month of... Read more
Kelowna’s temporary homeless shelters  get extensions
KELOWNA, B.C. – Officials have moved to allow one of the central Okanagan’s newest temporary shelters to stay in place, Global News reports. “It means more people inside and nobody on the street,” the executive director of the Kelowna Gospel Mission Carmen Rempel told Global News. The Kelowna Gospel... Read more
Homelessness death toll passes 1,000 names
The Church of the Holy Trinity’s Toronto Homeless Memorial passed 1,000 names on January 14, following the death of Daniel Duncan the day before. Community members... Read more
Not a typical Monday Night: De-Escalation Training with Sistering
Instead of staying home watching TV, Monday, September 17, around 20 people gathered for a De-Escalation Training session at a Bloorcourt Village coffee shop.  Priyanka Sheth, Program Director at the not-for-profit organization Sistering, gave tips, techniques on how to de-escalate a situation of an encounter with a homeless person,... Read more
Why media’s impact on homelessness matters

“It’s a ‘problem’ that we’re finally talking about,” says Steven Gaetz, the director of the Homeless Hub.

The problem Gaetz is referring to is homelessness. But not everyone views homeless people as a “problem.”

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Inside Kitchener-Waterloo’s threatened Out of the Cold homeless programme
As I made my way towards St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church located in the heart of downtown Kitchener, I found myself thinking about the handful of times I had been there. Just under six years ago, I briefly volunteered for Out of the Cold (OOTC), a programme that feeds, provides... Read more