Beaches Easter parade celebrates 50 years
Toronto Beaches Lions Club celebrates 50 years of putting on their annual Easter Parade. The parade made its way down Queen Street, beginning at Munro Park and ending on Woodbine Ave., drawing in hundreds of locals along the way. Photo Gallery Read more
Toronto thrift shop owner works against “fast fashion”
While many shoppers reach for their wallets, one local store owner has decided to use her love for clothing to work against the growing cost of fast fashion. Tatyana Passaretti, the owner of Aesthetic Trash Vintage, was out of work during the pandemic and decided to turn to one... Read more
First-ever neurodivergent thrift store comes to Toronto
A new thrift store pop-up is happening in Toronto and it is something the city has never seen before. Thriftism is a collection of LGBTQ+ and Neurodiverse vendors that have created an inclusive space for Toronto thrifters. Jaiden Dalbello, owner of Back at You Vintage, has been an online... Read more
Kitchener thrift store thrives in spite 
of pandemic
The pandemic has affected many businesses and second-hand stores are not exempt. However, one innovative thrift store owner has found a way to beat the odds. Bobbie Kennedy, the founder of The Clothing Exchange has found a chance to grow thanks to social media, even with the challenges brought... Read more
Skincare products proving more popular during COVID, but make-up isn’t forgotten
By Thaïs Grandisoli Since wearing masks in public became the new norm, beauty enthusiasts have shifted their focus to skincare products, according to new market research. But industry watchers are wondering if the increased popularity of skincare products will endure, and replace people’s appreciation for make-up after COVID. Beatriz... Read more
Celebrating the low-carb life at a keto diet event
The keto-friendly products filled up bags of many who attended the Etobicoke Low-Carb Keto Living Fair at the Assembly Hall on Saturday, Jan. 18. The event gathered many vendors that sell keto, keto-friendly and keto-related products. Among them, there were bakery products like cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, and bread. Other... Read more
No Money, Snow Problem: 45 free reasons to go out this season
Written by Alex Arsenych and Brandon Burnett, Infographic by Brandon Burnett, Interactive map by Alex Arsenych Having fun in the city can be hard on the wallet. Many people aren’t going out as much as they used to because they can’t afford it. Especially when they live in Toronto,... Read more
Making healthier eating choices a continued focus for Humber
Humber’s Centre for Healthy Living (CHL) is glad to see that Canada’s new food guide is serving up healthy choices. “The new food guide is more reflective to what the students have been learning in the program.  They are able to continue on this by looking... Read more