Weather | April 3
Skedline’s Jennifer MacFarlane has your local weather update right here. Read more
Pride Toronto says no to police marching in parade
A statement was issued last night from Pride Toronto asking Toronto police officers to refrain from marching in this year’s Pride Parade. Their reasoning for issuing this statement was that they believe that police are not supportive of their community. They also believe that the police’s involvement in the... Read more
Local bands meet philanthropy to make music
From alternative rock to funk-influenced electronic music, March 2 The Funk IV is a six-night festival held across the GTA in six different venues featuring 25 local acts. Hosted by The Cosmic Circle, an Oakville-based event coordinating company, the festival wraps up on Sunday with a fundraiser for YMCA... Read more
Humber students react to Blue Jays’ profit from scalpers
Skedline reporter Katelyn Huras has the story. Skedline’s Erin Leite is the videographer. Read more
Local Sports | March 26
Skedline’s Sports journalist Daniel Valente covers local sports news. Read more
Ontario throne speech full of promises and care
Premier Kathleen Wynne has promised a “commitment to care” that was detailed in today’s throne speech. The speech, delivered by Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell, covered three essential topics while mentioning other issues the Wynne government feels Ontarians will be concerned about as they head to the polls June 7.... Read more
Bruce McArthur: A timeline of events
Many questions remain unanswered surrounding the serial killings that have haunted members of the Church Street area over the past few years. As new information comes to light that McArthur was questioned and known to police, many members of the community are left wondering if something should have been... Read more
Assembly Chef’s Hall – does it live up to the hype?
By: Karen Doradea and Melysa Mezzapelle Assembly Chef’s Hall is a food hall located in the heart of downtown. Skedline reporters Karen Doradea and Melysa Mezzapelle visited the hall Monday to see what all the hype is about.   Read more
New batch of candidates for IGNITE elections
By Gregory Philion and Kaylee Perkins With the 2017-2018 school year slowly coming to an end, that means the IGNITE elections are right around the corner. Each year Humber College gets a new batch of IGNITE candidates running for either Board of Directors, Vice President and President. On Tuesday,... Read more
Streetsville fire engulfs condo site
  Skedline reporter Katelyn Huras is at the scene of a three-alarm fire in Streetsville tonight. Peel Police are asking people to stay away from the area of Tannery St. and Joymar Dr. as fire and emergency personnel deal with the blaze.   Read more