Jeremy Honess: Political rhetoric – a dubious second language
Throughout my time at Humber College, I found myself accidentally pigeonholed into covering issues on municipal politics. This inevitably led to me having lots of interviews with city councillors which got me thinking about their approach to how they responded to questions. What bothered me the most was their non-committal... Read more
SkedLIVE March 23, 2016 with Host Bryann Aguilar
  Robert Bruce Ford, Toronto’s contentious former mayor, has died at the age of 46 in hospital after a battle with a rare form of abdominal cancer. In his more than 16 years working in Canadian politics, Ford built an army of followers behind his name. Known for his... Read more
Timeline: Rob Ford’s Life
Toronto’s former mayor, Rob Ford, passed away today after a battle with a rare form of cancer. There were reports Ford was put into palliative care yesterday after his tumors were no longer responding to chemotherapy. Known for his scandals and tax-payer friendly politics, Ford’s death comes as a... Read more
Questions remain over Ford’s ability to serve despite illness
Some Ward 2 residents are questioning the ability of Rob Ford to serve as city councilor while receiving treatment for a rare form of cancer. “Rob withdrew from the mayoral race because he couldn’t handle the pressure of doing the work for the city. Similarly, the ward deserves somebody... Read more
Voter apathy

Voter apathy

Archive 2014 Oct 24, 2014

Taking on Goliath: Ward 2 candidates challenge Ford
“I’m with Rob Ford,” says an elderly woman, peering through her cracked open doorway.  Andray Domise doesn’t miss a beat, and launches into the same speech he’s delivered over and over already this day. “That’s okay, I have nothing against him personally but I think this community can do... Read more
Chatting with Kristyn Wong-Tam about the 2010-14 term & the future
by: Aeryn Pfaff Kristyn Wong-Tam, incumbent councillor for Ward 27 (Toronto Centre-Rosedale) talks to Skedline about her effectiveness as a public servant, Barbara Hall Park, Mayor Rob Ford and the upcoming election. Read more
Ford Must Go protest nears 30-day mark

As the Rob Ford Must Go sit-in at Toronto City Hall approaches 30 days of operation, the message remains clear: ‘We’re sitting until Ford goes.’

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Skedline City Council Report: February 28, 2014
Skedline City Council Report: February 28, 2014 Read more