Places to eat for students on budget
Many students are often on a budget when attending college or university, but we still have to eat! Unfortunately, our only options tend to be fast food joints and pre-made sandwiches. So for all of the Humber students at Lakeshore, here is a list of restaurants close to campus... Read more
Humber students talk student debt
OSAP has been slowly restructuring how student loans will work for future generations. Skedline reporters take a look at why the changes are being made and how past and present students are dealing with the system in place today. Read more
Students fill the OSAP gap
For decades the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), originally CSLP, has been giving students the opportunity to attend post-secondary school thanks to financial aid. A third-year Humber College Criminal Justice student, Maggie Srouji, says she owes her education to them yet somehow OSAP still falls short for her. On... Read more
Do teachers know how to use Blackboard?
Reporters Sabrina Arruda and Johanna Tucker take a technical look into Humber’s interactive learning website.     Read more
Sugar: A not so sweet love affair
At one point in history, this item was traded and highly sought after. It was the fuel that powered the engine of the slave trade that brought millions of Africans to the Caribbean’s, South and North America. British colonists called it “white gold” and some countries even used it... Read more
School buildings also serve as community hubs
On a minus 30 degrees centigrade day in Toronto, the children of Rejoyce Childcare Centre are gathered in the school gym for their physical play time instead of being out in the playground after school waiting for their parents to come pick them up. On about a dozen square... Read more
Humber brings fashion home
Humber’s fashion community came together for one night for the Fashion Come Home alumni event at the Lakeshore campus. Students were able to mingle with each other as well with other Humber fashion graduates and industry guests. The event, which is in its second year, was ran completely by current... Read more
NDP MP wants paid internships
A federal NDP member plans to introduce a private member’s bill to make internships paid positions. “The cause is important to me because I find it outrageous that more and more young people are working for free and that in Canada we have a youth unemployment crisis,” Cash says.... Read more
Ten Thousand Coffees
Kyle Wyskiel reports on the company aiming to connect students and young professionals with people in their industry. Ten Thousand Coffees connects people to chat, network and meet others who can help them in the future or give to give a few pointers, all over a cup of coffee. Read more
Bringing fair trade to Humber
Fair Trade week is here at Humber College, but will it catch on with students? Sponsored by the the Humber Public Interest Research Group (HumPIRG) the event aims to persuade the Humber administration through the student body to adopt a fair trade policy for businesses on campus. Supporters of... Read more