Toronto Fashion Week – Day 2- Ellie Mae, SELECT, Malorie Urbanovitch, WRKDEPT, and Bustle
By Emily Bongelli Day two of Toronto Fashion Week kicked off on Tuesday March 15, 2016 with eight unique shows throughout the afternoon and evening. Skedline was able to gain access to shows for Ellie Mae, SELECT, Natalie Urbanovitch, WRKDEPT, and Bustle. Here is a sneak peak of some... Read more
Toronto Fashion Week – Day 1 – NARCES and Christopher Paunil
By Emily Bongelli Toronto Fashion Week is becoming bigger and bigger with every passing year. With designers from all over Canada flying in to showcase their upcoming lines the Fashion Week tent at David Peacaut Square was busier than ever. Skedline Reporter Emily Bongelli was there on opening night,... Read more