Wynne’s transit panel gives hard truths to Ford nation

A new discussion paper says misconceptions are holding Toronto back from a mature transit discussion.

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The competition to be a licensed TTC busker

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has allowed musicians to play in its subway system for almost 35 years. Although the TTC does not pay the musicians money to perform, the idea they were able to get an official license to perform on TTC property is satisfying enough.

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The visionary transit plan for the Scarborough area may come to light despite many set backs. Today in a press conference, federal finance minster, Jim Flaherty announced the federal governments full support for the Scarborough subway extension. The federal government has committed to providing $660 million towards the project. Funding... Read more
I partook in a race from Humber College, Lakeshore Campus to The Scarborough Town Centre. The aim of the race was to experience the adventures of daily commute and discover the fastest route using the subway, streetcars and a car. I was team subway. Taking off at 11:30am, I... Read more

What better use for a beautiful day than a light rail commute? Well, I can think of a few things, mostly everything, but off I went anyways with my Skedline peers in a race across Toronto to the Scarborough Town Centre. Up against Ustad’s car and Ore’s subway train, I knew there was little chance I would win, but I can say I got my fair share of vitamin D threw the streetcar and bus windows! Knock it but I’d take above ground commuting versus dark, scary tunnel commuting any day.

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