Tourism is recovering from COVID, but students still struggle to make travel plans
Tourism in Canada has struggled to recover from COVID-19. it wasn’t until 2023 that tourism levels surpassed 2019, as more people began to start travelling again. But struggles remain. During the third quarter of 2023, Destination Canada said higher interest rates on disposable income were the leading factor for... Read more
Study abroad students attend pre-departure session on campus
Every semester, select students from Humber College embark on an experience that requires them to move out of their comfort zone and go study in a completely different country. This is their semester abroad experience. While the students are preparing to move to their destinations for Winter 2024, The... Read more
Travel ideas for college students feeling budget squeeze
College students have an array of expenses they have to pay throughout the school year that limit their ability to engage in recreational travel. Tuition, rent, transit, and food costs add up, leaving little to no room for vacations, activities, or social life in their budget. Skedline reporters conducted... Read more
IGNITE FROSH 2022: Not the most accessible night for everyone


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Travel: Essential tips to get ready for your next trip
Are you ready to get back out there and see the world again? Or are questions and concerns about the logistics travelling during a pandemic holding you back? The Government of Canada requires all travellers 12 and older to be fully vaccinated to board a flight in Canada. Travel... Read more
Coronavirus update: Jan. 23, 2020
The deadly coronavirus is rapidly spreading despite the Chinese Government’s best efforts to contain it.  As of Thursday, Jan. 23, 10 a.m. three Chinese cities are on lockdown, impacting 18 million people among them. Seventeen people are confirmed dead and there have been around 600 confirmed cases of the... Read more
Pearson gears up for record March break numbers
With March Break quickly approaching there is no doubt that Canada’s biggest airport be the extremely busy. Pearson International airport predicted that 115,000 passengers were in the airport on Thursday. An estimated 5,000 more passengers are expected to come through the airport looking to get away from the city... Read more