On Skedline, watch Make-up artist Jesserie Carpio showcase her skills in making a grotesque look for Halloween. Read more
At the Skedline studios, we put on our version of an Art Battle to give you a feel of what happens during the actual event.   Read more
This week on Skedline, we’ve been looking at various Aboriginal issues. Adam Jonsson sat down with our City Hall correspondent, Nick Dasko, to talk about why Native Child and Family Services daycares in Toronto are closing down. This is a recording of a live stream on Skedlive that aired... Read more

Aboriginal culture has been demonstrated at an event on Humber College’s Lakeshore campus last weekend. Toronto Culture Days and the Aboriginal Resource Centre worked together to honor the history of aboriginal peoples.

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How does the Humber student body feel about the Humber Students’ Federation? We asked students around the Lakeshore Campus to give us their opinion. This is what we found out.

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Clearing graffiti in Toronto has been on Mayor Rob Ford’s to-do list and people have lots to say. Skedline reporters Kezia Hinds and Kedean Smith took to the streets to see what people are saying about graffiti.     Read more