Students rally at Queen’s Park to protest OSAP changes
Reporter Rosen Castillo and videographers Makayla Pereira and Natalia Yurieva report from Queen’s Park for the March for Student Rights. This rally was just one of the many protests across Ontario where students voiced their concerns about changes to post-secondary funding. Read more
Humber’s student union faces bigger responsibilities in financial relief at OSAP protest
IGNITE’s North VP expresses awareness for OSAP-affected students at Feb. 4 rally in front of Queen’s Park. Clement Goh SKEDLINE Reporter Humber’s student government, IGNITE, took part in a provincial-wide rally in Toronto on Feb. 4. Along with other unions from UofT, Ryerson and Loyalist College, IGNITE’s board members... Read more
(Audio) IGNITE rallies at Queen’s Park, talk financial aid for Humber students
  Humber’s student government IGNITE took part in a march on Feb. 4 to express support for students affected by changes to OSAP. Elected members of the current IGNITE board carried signs and marched towards Queen’s Park with other student unions. Skedline Reporter Clement Goh covered the rally in... Read more
Protest without pickets: Student guide to slacktivism
By Breanne Coulter, for   Students in the Greater Toronto Area are gathering at Queen’s Park, today, Friday to protest the provincial government’s changes to financial assistance. Many students may not be able to participate in the weekday protest to exercise their democratic right either because of class... Read more
Ignite pool tournament proves to be popular diversion for students
Students braved the cold weather to attend the Humber Ignite Winter Pool Tournament at Humber’s Lakeshore and North campuses yesterday. The tournament was set up by Ignite as a way to give students a chance to unwind during the stressful first weeks back at school. The event took place... Read more
Humber College is about to get WILD
By Anastasia Coulson-Gagnon Returning to school after a month-long break can be difficult for some students. To keep students happy and engaged, Humber College’s Ignite is kicking off this semester with a fun exclusive event.   MTV’S Wild ‘N Out will be at Humber College’s North campus tonight at... Read more
Humber’s Strong Start sessions aims to help first-year students
Skedline reporter Daniela Ramirez and videographer Sierra Guido attend the First Year Experience “Strong Start: College 101” workshop to find out the benefits of these on campus events at Humber Lakeshore and how helpful they are to students. Read more
Clubs at Humber College more popular than ever
A New Year and new semester come with the opportunity for students to try new things and socialize. With the student population at Humber growing and nearing 30,000, the popularity of student-run clubs is on the rise. The clubs at Humber cover a variety of interests from video games... Read more
Cuddle the stress away on Animal Day
By Anastasia Coulson-Gagnon The fourth and last Animal Day of 2018, hosted by Humber IGNITE, is set to take place at Humber Lakeshore on Tuesday November 27th. The free activity helps students relieve stress and have a moment to relax with a large variety of animals.   “The... Read more
Remembrance Day services held at  Lakeshore campus
November 11, 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of Armistice, the end of the First World War. Humber Lakeshore Campus hosts an early Remembrance Day service for students and staff. Skedline reporter Angela O’Grady speaks with participants in the memorial. Camera work by Rosen Castillo. Read more