Working on your art and showcasing it — all in one place
By Vanessa Gomez Pursuing a career in visual arts has some obstacles artists have to overcome through their professional lives. One of those obstacles is finding a space big enough where they can work on their art and devote their time to create and get inspired. According to the From... Read more
Live art event at Lakeshore preps students for show
A live art event in Lakeshore Campus’ L building today aims to engage students and inspire creativity ahead of the 33rd annual Humber Art Show on April 1. We talked to organizers and participants in the live event to find out what it’s all about.     Art for... Read more
(Audio) Music students pay tribute to Latin rhythms at Humber’s Jazz Night.
Skedline Reporter Clement Goh listens to the acoustics of Humber’s Latin Jazz Night, an event showcasing the Bachelor of Music’s Latin American and Brazilian ensembles. Read more
Double Launch: Lakeshore Grounds celebrates two-year anniversary with new art exhibits
Skedline Reporter Clement Goh flies up and down the stairs for two art exhibits that celebrate the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre’s two-year anniversary. Read more
Murmurations art collective will host its first gallery exhibition.
“Six Directions,” a new gallery exhibition which aims to show the different paths people take throughout their lives, will have its reception on Sunday Jan. 27 at the Etobicoke Civic Centre. Skedline reporter Vanessa Gomez has the story. Read more
Short films bring long-term messages to Lakeshore gallery
Short film anthology connects to discuss indigenous culture. An empty gallery in Lakeshore’s L-Space echoes with vocals. A projector flashes images of snow, lighting up the dim environment. For more than 20 minutes, a series of short films show life in a different place away from our urban habitat.... Read more
Free knitting classes for men this Movember
A local yarn shop in South Etobicoke is raising awareness for prostate cancer by offering free knitting and crocheting lessons to any men this November. Spin Me A Yarn, located at 2855 Lakeshore Blvd W., usually offers classes and private lessons for about $20-$35 including materials, but for this... Read more
Nature’s Sanctuary photography exhibition
  A new art exhibition at the Assembly Hall features Colonel Samuel Smith Park. The show runs until Nov. 15. Skedline reporter Vanessa Gomez has this report.   Read more
Etobicoke’s Latest Mural Unveiled at Skate Park
By Vanessa Gomez Fearing crime and drug use would increase inside their community, residents of Birmingham and Eighth Street at first did not encourage the new skate park project inside their neighbourhood. But now, two years later, the park has turned into a communal space with art in... Read more
Brand New Mural at Lakeshore
A month ago Lakeshore Village BIA with the support of the City of Toronto commissioned a mural featuring the history of New Toronto and its early working class community. Skedline reporter Vanessa Gomez has an audio report. Read more