Two-part Ebola vaccine offers long-lasting protection
(Reuters) – The world should be far better prepared for the next Ebola outbreak, with clinical trial results on Tuesday showing the potential of a long-lasting vaccine against the deadly virus. A two-part shot from Johnson & Johnson and Danish partner Bavarian Nordic induced a durable immune response lasting... Read more
Studies highlight gender, racial inequalities in medical profession
By Andrew M. Seaman (Reuters Health) – Women and minorities face more barriers to getting ahead in their medical careers, both early in training and later on, researchers say. In one study, Dr. Julie Boiko of the University of California, San Francisco and colleagues found that women are underrepresented... Read more
E-Cigarettes may encourage nicotine use in low-risk teens 
(Reuters Health) – E-cigarettes aren’t tied to a decline in teen smoking and the devices may actually entice some youth who are unlikely to try traditional cigarettes, a U.S. study suggests. Youth smoking has steadily declined over the past decade, with no steeper decrease after e-cigarettes debuted on the... Read more
HIV prevention pill pending approval in Canada
“Getting to Zero.” That is the theme for the upcoming World AIDS Day in December. One of the continuing goals for the UNAIDS organization is to have zero new HIV infections. Preventing HIV infection is no longer impossible thanks to a little blue pill. The pill is Truvada. It... Read more
Deadly Drug Becomes an Advertising Project
When I say the word Fentanyl, do you know what I’m talking about? Fentanyl is a drug usually prescribed through a slow release patch for cancer patients. It has slowly made its way onto our streets and into the hands of drug dealers. It can be ripped open and... Read more
The benefits of yoga for children
Downward dog? Warrior poses? Kids could careless about yoga, but the thing is, they should. Yoga provides not only a physical transformation but also mental stimulation and spiritual growth. Parents are a child’s first teacher and many have begun to educate their children about some of the many benefits... Read more
Sugar: A not so sweet love affair
At one point in history, this item was traded and highly sought after. It was the fuel that powered the engine of the slave trade that brought millions of Africans to the Caribbean’s, South and North America. British colonists called it “white gold” and some countries even used it... Read more
Kelsey’s scar
At a Kitchener restaurant, Kelsey Morrison reaches down to grab a wine craft to pour me the 8oz of Cabernet Sauvignon that I asked for. As she turns her back to the bar, her hair swings over her left shoulder revealing a deep scar, trailing down the length of... Read more
Getting in motion is key to lowering health risks
Research encourages physical activity as a way for individuals to avoid cancer, stroke, and heart disease. Although physical activity is highly recommended, going to the gym is not the only way to getting physically active. Kathleen Trotter, a personal trainer and columnist for the Globe and Mail, as well... Read more
Chikungunya virus new concern for travellers
Snowbirds travelling south for spring break should think about bringing bug spray to their hot destinations. Just ask Lindsay Lohan, who became violently ill after contracting the Chikungunya virus while vacationing in French Polynesia over the new year. Read more