Bachelor finale ends with Mom’s disapproval
BY: SARAH TAHER The Bachelors season 24 had their finale on Monday Mar. 9 and their After the Final Rose episode which aired on Tuesday night. The two-part finale took a turn for the worse as Peter Weber — this season’s bachelor — made his choice, but his mom... Read more
Dean Blundell talks about the state of Toronto’s radio scene
Dean Blundell is a controversial radio personality who has worked at several radio stations in Toronto including The Edge and Sportsnet The FAN 590. Known for his colourful personality and wise-guy-like takes, Blundell has built a fan base that wants nothing more than to listen to him talk on... Read more
James Bond movie release pushed back seven months amid coronavirus
LONDON (Reuters) – The global release of the new James Bond film No Time to Die has been postponed by seven months amid the coronavirus disruption. It has closed movie theaters in China and caused widespread headaches for other Hollywood productions. “After careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the... Read more
Colourful personalities create a community in Humber comedy program
BY: IRELYNE LAVERY, SARAH TAHER, JADEN HAMILTON Humber College is known for its innovative and growing North campus and its green Lakeshore campus, but not many students know about the building located at 300 Birmingham Street in South Etobicoke. It is one of significance to the school.   In programs... Read more
Sonic runs around the big screens across Canada
By Luka Tskhadaia Sonic the Hedgehog saw its theatrical release on Feb. 14 and already made history. Even though the film came out less than a week ago, it has grossed $57 million in the United States and over $40 million internationally. This marked a new record for video... Read more
High points to watch for at the Oscars
By Luka Tskhadaia The 92nd Academy Award is already a huge event to look forward to. However, every year is always made special to keep the viewers entertained and thrilled for the ceremony. Here are some things to watch for, in tonight’s airing of the Oscars. First: Actress Cynthia... Read more
Oscars 2020: What are your predictions?
By Luka Tskhadaia The 92nd Academy Awards ceremony will open Hollywood’s doors to the worldwide audience on Sunday, February 9, 2020. Like every other year, some of the finest film industry stars are set to walk the red carpet, present and/or win the award and become part of the... Read more
Shannen Doherty reveals she has Stage 4 breast cancer
Los Angeles (Reuters) – American actress Shannen Doherty has revealed her breast cancer diagnosis’ return. Doherty, 48, shared the details about her health on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday. “It’s a bitter pill to swallow in a lot of ways,” says Doherty. The BH90210 star was first diagnosed in... Read more
The Arkells support local journalism in new promo
Canadian rock band Arkells posted a new promo in their official Twitter account yesterday saying they’re trying to support local journalism by giving a T-shirt as a present to their fans. Arkells put out a statement that shows up if you go to their official website. The band members... Read more
Shakira’s tongue waggle takes over Twitter
Shakira’s performance at the Super Bowl halftime show with Jennifer Lopez striked many conversations among the social media users. The Colombian artist looked at the camera and flicked her tongue with a specific sound. This particular moment of the singer’s performance quickly became a popular meme and is widely... Read more