The role of Netflix in the Covid-19 age
By Jacob Brooks  Given the difficult times, it is no surprise that the vast amount of people stuck at home have turned to online streaming services to keep their spirits up. Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu have seen massive upticks in traffic as a result of the quarantine.... Read more
Justin Trudeau talks Covid-19 and Wet’suwet’en protests
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in the GTA this week for a press conference and photo-op.   The Prime Minister made an appearance at a branch of the Boys and Girls Club in Scarborough on Thursday morning, March 5, to answer questions on a number of current issues.   The most... Read more
The Cross Canada Project

The collective voice of Canadian youth: their fears, hopes, and dreams about the upcoming 2019 federal election.

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Maria L. Pimentel: Influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on non-verbal communication 
Maria Lorena Pimentel is a Panamanian journalist with a love for everything art and culture related. Maria recently graduated from the Bachelor Degree in Journalism at Humber College and is currently working as a Public Relations Coordinator at VOCAB Communications. As an avid reader and journalist, Maria has always... Read more
Jeremy Honess: Political rhetoric – a dubious second language
Throughout my time at Humber College, I found myself accidentally pigeonholed into covering issues on municipal politics. This inevitably led to me having lots of interviews with city councillors which got me thinking about their approach to how they responded to questions. What bothered me the most was their non-committal... Read more
Toronto’s mayoral candidates participated in multiple debates

Several Toronto mayoral debates occurred this week ahead of the June 26 by-election to replace former mayor John Tory.

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De-Influencing: a passing fad, or a break in the cycle?

“De-influencing” is a buzzword has been all over TikTok, but is it an effective way to reverse this generation’s urge to shop? Some people are not convinced.

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Fleeing war, Ukrainian family finds safety — and hope — in Canada

There are two sides to every story — including being a refugee. On the one side, there’s sorrow and despair. On the other, new opportunities and hope.

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Viewer calls for more diversity and body types on reality TV

Though popular with audiences, reality dating shows still push an unrealistic standard of beauty

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Students look for schools to take action as anti-Ukrainian hate speech increases at Canadian universities

As the world marks the first anniversary of the Russian invasion, Ukranian students report a rising tide of harassment on campus

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Stressed out: what people can do when therapy isn’t accessible

With students facing high levels of stress and therapy not always available, some are finding their own ways to take care of themselves

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Gen Z and child-free? Trends suggest some young people could be opting out of procreation

Economic uncertainty and social changes have some people questioning whether they will ever become parents

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“Always tired and still don’t make enough”: students struggle with inflation in Canadian economy

Canadian post-secondary students worry for their future amidst surging inflation

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