Why media’s impact on homelessness matters

“It’s a ‘problem’ that we’re finally talking about,” says Steven Gaetz, the director of the Homeless Hub.

The problem Gaetz is referring to is homelessness. But not everyone views homeless people as a “problem.”

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The Public Works and Infrastructure Committee voted 5-1 in favor of scrapping the Bay-Bloor pedestrian scramble in a move that will cost the city an estimated $26,000 to undo. While the intersection still has the chance to live on as Council has the final say, the move to kill... Read more
Santa Claus Parade a challenge for Annex businesses

Businesses in the Annex face different challenges than those in the mall, who have a steady stream of customers even when temperatures dip below zero. In the Annex, owners and managers have to be ready to adapt to changes regularly. Festivals, parades, and marathons run through the neighbourhood year-round. On event days, a steady stream of customers is unpredictable and profits are not guaranteed.

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Annex is student friendly for commuters

Fourth-year University of Toronto student Karl Valdez is living in Keswick with his family but not because he loves the commute.

“The cost of rent is the only downside of the Annex,” says Valdez who shared a two bedroom apartment on Spadina Ave. with three friends up until last September.

Valdez traded in his rent money for a used Honda Civic and a 75 kilometer drive to and from school.

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Private health insurance companies taking advantage of Canadians

Over the last 20 years, the price of health insurance has more than doubled, says a study by researchers from the University of Toronto and University of British Columbia.

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New app for Android and Iphone reminds users when to get vaccinated

Just in time to track the recent Measles outbreak, a free app called ImmunizeCA was released for iOS and Android phones.

The app tracks cases of outbreak and will notify you if there are cases nearby. It also has the ability to keep track of vaccination records and will tell you if you need to get vaccinated soon, or are overdue.

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Hot Docs film Steve shows foster care struggle

Toronto filmmaker Jesse McCracken is premiering his short film Steve at Bloor Hot Docs Film Festival. Named Steve after McCracken’s foster brother, the film explores what it’s like for him to be separated from his birth parents at age 22.

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Expensive dog food just as good as grocery store varieties

Skipping the Walmart lineup, Toronto lawyer Kate Macdonald shops for her wheaten terrier, Liffie, at Global Pet Foods. At almost two years old, Liffie has only been fed one type of food: a specialty mix advertised as “fresh duck, chicken, lamb, whole eggs and real Wisconsin cheese.”

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TTC audit shows millions lost in unclaimed bus warranties
(COO of Bus Maintenance Garry Shortt reviews his notes at Monday’s TTC meeting./Photo by: Deanna Grant) TTC commissioners heard at Monday’s transit meeting that an audit shows the agency  has lost  $4 to $5 million a year from bus warranty claims that were not made. Skedline reporter Deanna Grant... Read more
Heated debate erupts at public meeting about island airport jets

Over 300 people showed up to Toronto City Hall on Monday to criticize the city’s plans to bring jets to Billy Bishop Airport.

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