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Feeling SAD in winter
Article by Joey Chini and Brandon Burnett The weather has as big an impact on mental health as it does on the roads. Approximately 1 in 8 adults experience the symptoms of a mood disorder at least once in their lifetime. After a week of relatively warm February weather,... Read more
Marijuana effects clouded in mystery
By: Joey Chini & Brandon Burnett   Rolling up and smoking weed has permeated pop culture to the point of ubiquitousness. Everyone sings along to Nate Dogg when he hollers “smoke weed everyday” on Dr. Dre’s The Next Episode (on an album named after weed). It has become socially and culturally... Read more
Quitting time
By: Brandon Burnett and Joey Chini It’s been a month since Humber decided to “butt out” and ban smoking from its campuses, so why haven’t you quit yet? Yeah, you–the person with all of those assignments piling up. Yes, you–the one who hasn’t been getting any sleep. Yeah, I’m... Read more
Pinch of salt: Humber College overseasons sidewalks
UPDATE: The Humber Office of Sustainability reached out after press time with the following comment: “While salt is the center of the product that we use, it is coated with a product that is not as corrosive and since it is slightly expensive, it incentivizes individuals using the salt... Read more
Joey Chini has your sports update. Read more
Leafs faceoff in Florida
The Maple Leafs are in Florida tomorrow to start a two game road trip. They play the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday and the Florida Panthers on Friday. The Leafs are 5-5 in their last ten games and are looking to recover from their 6-3 loss against the Avalanche.... Read more
Raptors hope streak continues against Celtics
The Toronto Raptors are in Boston tonight for an away game against the Celtics. Coming fresh off of a double overtime win against the Wizards the Raptors hope to continue their winning streak and maintain their dominant position in the eastern conference. They are 8-2 in their last ten... Read more