“Natural” weight loss supplements: Do they work?
The world of weight loss has opened the door to a multimillion-dollar industry, which preys on people looking for help in speeding up their weight loss goals. The popular show Dr.Oz is known for promoting “natural” weight loss supplements which claim to be “miracle” aids for reducing body weight.... Read more
Using art as therapy
  Most people have fond memories of their childhood and how art was a way of expressing their creative young minds, but as we grow and face obstacles in life we tend to forget the positive effects of expressing ourselves through art. For some more than others, art can... Read more
MSU annual charity ball
Reporter Nima Rajan covers McMaster University’s annual charity ball event. Rajan speaks with chief representatives regarding this year’s charity donations of up to $20,000.   Read more
Skedlive November 24, 2014