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Art Battle: Where Everyone is a Winner
For the Toronto event, Art Battle, is a night for exposing artists for more than just their talent. It is a chance for people to gather with a shared interest, and hopefully be stimulated into conversation by the energy and excitement that a “battle” usually herds. At least that’s what... Read more

Memphis is a familiar face around the Annex. He has an unspoken residency at the northeast corner of Bathurst and Bloor, a place he’s fought for for about 30 years. Memphis is a musician, specifically doing is thing with an electric guitar and a small amp. He plays for the crowds of people on a rambunctious Saturday evening and he plucks at his strings on a Sunday night for the stragglers and locals. This is a short and sweet look at the man who’s fought for his spot on the busy Toronto intersection.

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Finance Minister Jim Flaherty confirmed the federal government’s support of the Scarborough subway expansion today at a press conference. The promise is supported by the $660 million that will be provided for the city to fund the project. Read more
Where the Truck can they go?

The recently started pilot project for food trucks in Toronto is now allowing the city streets to become friendlier for these mobile businesses.

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