Valentine’s Day woes: why does it make us feel so overwhelmed?
Skedline reporter Gregory Philion digs into the mind of guys trying to understand the pressure that comes with Valentine’s Day. Does everyone believe in the holiday? And what is it about this day that makes palms sweaty, knees weak and arms heavy? Listen to the audio report below.  ... Read more
Elevator Awkwardness
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Superbowl LII Review February 5th 2018
Alessandra and Haeley provide a review of last nights Superbowl LII, won by the Philadelphia Eagles. Read more
What the Women’s March on Washington taught me
Before I attended the Women’s March in Washington, I was filled with euphoria. The thought that I would be among thousands from all over North America marching in a strong show of support for the rights and equality of women made me feel blissful. I was going to be... Read more
Culture is not a costume
By Danila Neves and Rob Lowrey   Read more