Five college student pet peeves
College is a time where you can completely change who you once were in high school. You break out of your shell; you find out who you’re supposed to be as well as find out who you are when it comes to the working world. But with the good,... Read more
Humber students give tips about handling stress
It’s been five weeks since the second semester began and the stress levels are continuing to rise as midterms, and other deadlines are fast approaching. Humber students shared their tips with Skedline news reporter Kaylee Perkins about how they handle their stress when times get rough. Read more
Humber College’s study abroad opportunities: Claim your spot now
If you’re a Humber College student longing to travel but can’t take time off school to satisfy it, look no further than Humber’s international opportunities. Offering a variety of destinations and financial aid to help get you there, Humber’s got you! Read on to learn more about the International... Read more
Virtual hoops at Humber: NBA2K video game tournament comes to campus
IGNITE, the student government at Humber College hosted its annual NBA2K video game tournament today at both the North and Lakeshore campuses. It was free for all students to participate in and open to all Humber and Guelph-Humber students. “We do tournaments every year,” says Kedesha Syblis, who is the... Read more
Elevator Awkwardness
Skedline reporter Robert Belardi tells us all about the awkwardness of riding in an elevator. Filmed and edited by Elena M. De Luigi and Coner Towle. Read more
Local Burger joint Woody’s opens new chicken restaurant.
If you walk past 30th street you’ll notice new restaurants popping up here and there that paint a stark contrast to the local food scene only 10 years ago. With Fairgrounds café opening up around 8 years ago with the Empanada Company next door, Long Branch residents and foodies alike now... Read more
SkedNOW February 9
Zach Weiler brings you the top stories for today.  Check out our live cast at 2:30 pm. Read more
A step in the professional direction
The second semester is in full swing, which means those who are graduating are starting to think about getting their foot in the door when it comes to being a “real” adult and working in the real world. The last two days at Humber Lakeshore, in the first floor... Read more
LGBTQ+ Resource Centre Presents: QPOC Talk
On February 5, Humber’s LGBTQ+ group hosted their first Queer Persons of Colour Talk. This group organizes initiatives to support students of colour who belong to the LGBTQ community. Students can access support in a safe space for a variety of activities, such as homework, counseling, relaxation and open... Read more
What is going on at Humber this week? 5th February – 10th February
Another week has begun as we continue moving into the new semester. Whilst there has been a short turnaround between the two semesters, we still have some exciting events taking place this week. The Nutella Experience! Back after popular demand, the Nutella experience see’s various stations set up for... Read more