Employees hoping federal candidates will prioritize small business recovery
During 2020 and into this year, small businesses struggled because of the pandemic. Business owners were forced out of work and thousands of employees suffered unexpected temporary or permanent job losses. “Being out of work for almost a year made it difficult to stay motivated and stay positive and... Read more
Brampton fire takes three lives
Brampton’s mayoral candidates discuss campaign objectives
Filmed and edited by Emma Schatochin and Camille Teape Linda Jeffrey is a former MPP who was once a council member for Brampton, she wishes to return as the city’s mayor. As a well-known city local, John Sanderson is a former business owner and Brampton city councillor. He is... Read more
Brampton native nominated for Juno Award

Jeff “Prezident” Offe, who started out as just another kid playing around with Fruity Loops on his computer for fun, the 2014 Juno nomination for his production on Rich Kidd’s album ‘In My Opinion.’

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NCAA doubly special for Brampton family

March Madness has arrived and Brampton native Brandon Ennis could not be more proud of his brothers Tyler and Dylan Ennis who are currently in the NCAA tournament.

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Brampton Rises featuring local artists
  The event, Brampton Rises showcased, local talented upcoming and seasoned artists. The audio piece features some of these artists and they shared their insights with us. Read more