Toronto artists celebrated the anamorph art form at the Project Gallery on Queen Street East Monday. Although the art form is known to be...

Man versus beasts is an art theme which had its moment of fame at the Project Gallery on Queen Street East, on Monday, Jan. 20.

Anamorphism is an art form which emulates the relationship between humans and animals and how it represents universal causes and ideas.

‘’It kind of represents the morphing of natural animal qualities into something else that’s metaphysical or spiritual,” says Alex Buchman, Director of the Anamorph exhibition and Project Gallery.

“If you were to just use humans, it might be too in your face, but with the animals it allows people to chuckle at it in the beginning and then think more critically about what they are seeing,” says Tony Taylor, an artist whose work is involved in the exhibition.

Sarah Hillock is another visual artist participating in the event. Hillock says anamorphism is grasping the eye of a lot of upcoming artists.

“ I’ve been making portraits of animals for almost my entire career, for 10 years, and I think it is very important, especially in our urban culture, we are very much associated with nature and our food and where food comes from,” says Hillock.

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Alison Greco