What Else You Can Buy With Your Tuition Money What Else You Can Buy With Your Tuition Money
For most students, the week of February 5th to 11th is one that can bring much emotional and financial heart break. It is not... What Else You Can Buy With Your Tuition Money

For most students, the week of February 5th to 11th is one that can bring much emotional and financial heart break. It is not only the second week of a new semester but also the final week to pay your tuition for the semester. With the final day to pay your tuition being February 9th, many students are dreading the huge loss their bank accounts will witness. But in case you are having second thoughts or imagining what else you could purchase with this money, you’ve come to the right place. Using the Bachelor of Journalism semester fee of $3763.50, here are some other valuable (and invaluable items) you can purchase for the equivalent of your tuition fee.

7 Xbox Ones – Perhaps you are more of a 4 a.m. video game fiend than a 4 a.m. book worm. Perhaps one Xbox One is just not enough for you. Using your semester tuition fee, you could purchase not one but seven Xbox One consoles. Valued at $499.99 at Best Buy , why not buy a console for every single course you have sat through wondering “Why am I here right now?”.

103 Kylie Jenner Lip Kits – Have you ever contemplated dropping out and becoming an Instagram model or joining a reality series? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have a once in a lifetime proposal for you. Turn your dreams into a reality and convert your semester tuition fee into 103 Kylie Jenner Boujee lip kits, valued at $36.32 CDN. With enough lipstick to last you two lifetimes, you are now well on your way to a life of fame and fortune.

6 Pomeranian Puppies – Imagine two images in your head, an exam filled with questions you scrambled to study the night before or a bundle of puppies. Now ask yourself which of these two images brings you more joy. Obviously, it is the puppies. For the price of this semester’s tuition, you can turn your textbook into half a dozen Pomeranian puppies. The average cost of a Pomeranian puppy is $600 – $1500, but let’s use $600 because just like your latest assignment, we’re here for quantity not quality. At $600 a puppy, you could spend your weekdays not in class but at home, raising six Pomeranian puppies.

760 Venti Caramel Frappuccinos – Yes, you read that right. For the cost of this semester’s tuition, you could purchase 760 venti sized Caramel Frappucino’s from Starbucks. Though you may not be in school due to you using your tuition on Starbucks, at least you will never have to worry about a lack of sugar or caffeine in your diet.

15 Pairs of Gucci Slides – Nothing speaks more about someone’s class and lifestyle than a person’s footwear. While you may choose to spend your semester tuition fee on school and wear ordinary shoes, you could spend that money on 15 pairs of Gucci flip flops ($250) and solidify your status as a certified baller to all your family and friends. You can’t wear school but you certainly can wear class.

31 Years of Apple Music – You could be the person who spent four years of their life in school, working at a chance for a high paying job or you could the person who is always up to date on the latest hit songs. If you are like me and enjoy a life of guarantees rather than risk, the latter opinion definitely seems more enticing. That’s because with this semester’s tuition fee you could purchase 31 years’ worth of Apple Music. For the price of $9.99 a month, you can have unlimited access to such masterpiece albums such as Abbey Road or Migos’ newest album Culture II.

Daniel Valente