Fashion experts critique the Grammy’s red carpet Fashion experts critique the Grammy’s red carpet
By Katia Sist There were a variety of looks on the Grammy Awards’ red carpet last night. The Grammys are a celebration of the... Fashion experts critique the Grammy’s red carpet

By Katia Sist

There were a variety of looks on the Grammy Awards’ red carpet last night.

The Grammys are a celebration of the art that musicians work so hard to create.This event gives each artist the opportunity to represent their creativity through clothes.

This year’s red carpet was, “full of female empowerment. There was a very masculine stance with the tuxedos and double breasted jackets. In contrast, you also had the femininity of soft dresses and plunging v-necks bringing back the attention to the female body,” Fashion management professor Francesca D’Angelo PhD says.

Miley Cyrus wore a pantsuit by Thierry Mugler. “Perfection! Look at her plunging neckline in her jacket, it works, it is refined! It doesn’t open 10 inches across the bust in a tacky way! This is menswear bespoke. Executed in pure femininity,” Couture designer Mark Belford says.


Kacey Musgraves channelled old Hollywood glamour in her three looks last night. “In her bouffant-like hair and her baby doll like Valentino dress, very 60s glam,” D’Angelo says.



With the theme of female empowerment and inspiration from decades past on the carpet, Janelle Monae’s Jean Paul Gaultier dress was, “curious and tasteful. Her whole look was new textiles, but a wink to the 80s,” D’Angelo says.


Walking the carpet as a group can be a challenge. Some groups know how to complement each other’s outfits while still displaying their individual style, as Pentatonix does. 

Pentatonix (Instagram/celebsontheredcarpet)

While country band Little Big Town, “looked like a train wreck! They needed to coordinate,” Belford says.

Little Big Town (Instagram/celebsontheredcarpet)

In a red Monsoori gown, “Bebe Rexha was beautiful. I don’t know if she knows it’s just the Grammys, not the Oscars, but she looks great. I loved that originally, the prominent designers didn’t want to dress her. She is a real person, has a real body and she looked sensational,” Belford says.


Many sequins and rhinestones garments grazed the red carpet last night. Some women, such as Camilla Cabello missed the mark by wearing what Belford described as, “sloppy and cheap looking fabrics”.


While some of the men, including Pusha T in a custom Thom Browne suit seemed to get the trend right, “there was a lot of sequins, including mixed texture lapels,” D’Angelo says.



Post Malone always stands out on the red carpet, last night he wore custom Catherine Hanh. “The sequin pink motorcycle jacket had a country-ish vibe to it. By walking in country boots too, he’s celebrating that part of himself,” D’Angelo says.



“This is not fashion! These are costumes in my opinion. The Grammys has never been taken seriously as a fashion event for this exact reason,” Belford says referring to Kylie Jenner in Couture Balmain, Katy Perry in Balmain, Post Malone in custom Catherine Hanh and Anna Kendrick in Ralph and Russo.


As The Grammys is the most important music event of the year, many take advantage by wearing a suit or stunning gown, while others unleash the artist inside of them. “Cardi B wore an awesome 1995 Mugler clamshell dress, where she was the pearl. She was the big red carpet feature,” D’Angelo says.



“Music is really about inspiring and why not do it through the presentation of themselves?” D’Angelo says.


Katia Sist