How effective is no-smoking policy at Lakeshore campus? How effective is no-smoking policy at Lakeshore campus?
Since 2019 Humber had a no-smoking policy. But is it really working? Check out the article below to find out! How effective is no-smoking policy at Lakeshore campus?

With the beginning of a new school year, smoking incidents on Lakeshore grounds start occurring again. Despite a longstanding smoke-free campus policy, several students were seen lighting on campus during the first two weeks of the fall semester. It’s leading some to wonder if the policy is effective.

According to Robert Kilfoyle, the Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management at Humber, it usually happens when the college welcomes new students, who aren’t aware of its policies.

”No smoking” sign on the front of the B building at Lakeshore, original photo

As the college website says, since January 1st, 2019, Humber has been a smoke-free campus. The policy applies to any property the college owns or leases, including its buildings and grounds.

Kilfoyle says the college security has a number of measures it takes any time smoking on campus occurs.

”We try to do this in person. So if we see people smoking, often we’ll ask them to put it out. And most times people comply. And that’s an opportunity for us to educate them. So our team would tell them: ”FWI, you can’t smoke on this property, you have to go off the property”.

However, Lakeshore students say some people aren’t unaware, but indifferent towards the college’s policies and in reality, campus security often avoids confrontations with them.

”As long as students are polite and respectful, the security usually doesn’t pay attention to them smoking on campus”, says Daniel Daggett, a first-year Film and Media Production student. He is one of the first-years who knows the college policies, however, he sees many students who aren’t concerned about them.

”I don’t think people really care. They just need to have a quick smoke before going somewhere and doing it here [on campus] is the most convenient to them”, says Daniel.

Cigarette litter under the benches near the B Building, original photo

He thinks a fine policy is what could potentially discourage people from smoking on Humber Grounds. Others, however, have different ideas.

Jasmine Ratos, 1 first-year Healthcare Management student says designated smoking areas would be more effective reform.

”Security could walk people to an area where smoking is allowed: not just directly on campus or in front of a building where everyone has to go, but somewhere more secluded”.

For now, however, these ideas stay only among students. And though Humber’s organizations have some initiatives of their own, none of them are currently realized.

B building grounds, original photo

The College’s Health and Wellness Centre for example wants to survey students about smoking.

”It’s talking about how often are you smoking? Are there ways to cut that down? Or how does smoking impact your life? How can we help you make decisions and choices that you still feel good about, but it’s also moving you in the direction of your health? At the end of the day, we respect that the learners are fully developed adults, they are allowed to make the choices they want. But the goal is that they’re making informed decisions and they know how it’s going to affect their health”, says Bindia Darshan, the manager of the centre. However, the dates for this haven’t been set.

Oleksandra Chorna