Students continue to feel impact of Lakeshore library closure Students continue to feel impact of Lakeshore library closure
The Humber Lakeshore Library, one of the main study spaces for students, has been closed since July and the opening is nowhere near. How... Students continue to feel impact of Lakeshore library closure

Students are frustrated as a construction project has shuttered a Humber library for the beginning of the fall semester Though it started in mid-summer, the work is ongoing and the end date of the project, and the reopening of many students’ primary study space, remains uncertain.

On July 17, the Humber Lakeshore campus library was announced closed. According to the college’s website, the closure is connected to the construction of a new Cultural Hub. The Hub’s official page says it will be a new space for music, creative arts and multimedia Humber students.

Meanwhile, Lakeshore students say they are struggling with learning limitations related to the closure.

Alice Caraccioli, a first year Social Services student, says she’s worried about her academic success without having in-person access to the library.

“For my counselling class, I have weekly homework that requires group discussions and the library would be a perfect place for it. With its closure, I’m not sure what we’re going to do with these meetings.”

And she isn’t the only one who has study concerns. Dylan Paine, a 2nd year Film and Media Production student says it became more difficult for him to sufficiently prepare for classes having only online library resources.

To date, only some of the students’ study concerns have been addressed. The Director of the Humber Libraries, Cynthia Mckeich, says one of the study spaces at Lakeshore-B114, has been re-opened, in case somebody needs a quiet place to catch up on their homework. According to her, Lakeshore students can also get in-person research help at Building L.

However, the majority of library services still remain online. Mckeich says students can go to the library website and email all their requests or book an appointment with the librarian. For those who have a physical book they need to return, there’s a box at the Lakeshore Library building, where students can drop off all their books.

Oleksandra Chorna