Public relations conference to help with networking
Networking is a major aspect for anyone getting into their careers. This is why Humber College’s Public Relations program is having a conference to help people out. The conference happens every year around the same time. This year’s theme is “Retrospection: PR that made us, campaigns that changed us.”... Read more
Chess gets on board for more students 
at Lakeshore campus
Humber’s chess club has been in check since its launch last year. The club has officially made it into an extracurricular activity for students to join at the Lakeshore campus. Club president, Evan Stathopoulos, says he was inspired to start a chess club from a school he previously attended.... Read more
Providing safe spaces for Humber College’s 2SLGBTQIA+ community
After a nationwide anti-LGBTQ+ walk on September 20, students and community members have been feeling uneasy. Humber College is reminding students about the safe space offered by their LGBTQ+ Resource Centre. The walk that took place was led by far-right, conservative and anti-trans groups against teaching 2SLGBTQIA+ content in... Read more
Humber College Lakeshore will be Nuit Blanche’s Etobicoke hub this weekend

The highly anticipated Nuit Blanche is coming back to Toronto and Humber College’s Lakeshore campus will be part of their Etobicoke hub for the second year in a row.

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Viewer calls for more diversity and body types on reality TV

Though popular with audiences, reality dating shows still push an unrealistic standard of beauty

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Stressed out: what people can do when therapy isn’t accessible

With students facing high levels of stress and therapy not always available, some are finding their own ways to take care of themselves

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Sexual health knowledge changing at Humber College

At Humber College, the Consent Peer Education Program is helping to increase the way people think about sexual health and positive sexual relationships.

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