Dickens ghost tour fascinates Humber students

Students learned that ghosts, electroshock therapy, and lobotomies are all a part of the dark past of Humber College’s Lakeshore Campus while on the Dickens Christmas and Historic Ghost Tour Monday.

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More Than Ford campaign puts focus back on Toronto
With the Rob Ford drama consuming the headlines, it is time to remind ourselves of the better aspects of Toronto. That is the idea behind the ‘More Than Ford’ social media campaign created by Marie Richer and Hanna Smit. Read more
Humber students react to media and comedy circus around Ford

“I heard that your Mayor Ford’s approval ratings went up, after it came out that he smoked crack. You know what that makes you as a city Toronto? Enablers, eh.” Comedian Jon Stewart earlier this week on The Daily Show.

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Wynne’s transit panel gives hard truths to Ford nation

A new discussion paper says misconceptions are holding Toronto back from a mature transit discussion.

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eSports bar a possibility for Toronto

An Internet café in downtown Toronto is trying to become Ontario’s first eSports bar.

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