Humber grows green
You may have spotted the deadfall of recently cut down trees and cleared field on the corner of Kipling and Lakeshore and before you raise your arms in protest, what’s being built there may not be hurting the environment as much as you think. With construction underway on Humber... Read more
On the road to experience
Travelling for students can go a number of ways. You could be one of those people who wears a puka shell necklace the entire time you’re abroad, or receive a tattoo in Thailand that means strength. Or you could completely confuse what you think travelling is with spring break.... Read more
Kyle Wyskiel hosts Skedlive covering the top stories for March 17th. Read more
This show is to die for…
Humber College holds its real-life game of Clue today where students can solve an array of mysteries surrounding a staged murder in the L-Space Gallery. ‘This Show Is To Die For’ is held by Humber’s own Police Foundations and Criminal Justice program, allowing students to join a team to help solve... Read more
Keep Talking
Now that I think about it I had never really heard much about it. You think you would hear about something like this, the second leading cause of death among youth in Canada and it seems no one is talking about it, even though just that, talking, may be... Read more
Auschwitz remembered
Tuesday marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz and as time goes by the first hand accounts of the holocaust are lost with the survivors. Roughly 300 Auschwitz survivors will be making the journey to Oświęcim, Poland Tuesday to mark the date and... Read more
Faking it a reality with new App
Faking it just got real. A recent App has come out that allows users to literally fake having a significant other. The App, designed to help people seem loved for the sake of their coworkers, family and friends, allows users to set up a profile for their fake counterpart.... Read more
American Sniper raises controversy amidst box office record
American Sniper, the Clint Eastwood directed story of U.S Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is as controversial as the war it depicts. The true story of the most lethal sniper in U.S history has since broken records with its release on January 16th but not without receiving criticism. The film... Read more
Students get fit after New Year
Kyle Wyskiel reports on how students are getting back into shape after the holidays and how they can stay healthy by eating well and getting to the gym. The Humber gym provides fitness classes such as spinning, yoga and boot camp as well consultations with personal trainers to help... Read more
Ten Thousand Coffees
Kyle Wyskiel reports on the company aiming to connect students and young professionals with people in their industry. Ten Thousand Coffees connects people to chat, network and meet others who can help them in the future or give to give a few pointers, all over a cup of coffee. Read more