Understanding the dark side of head injuries in sports
The issue of concussions in sports has attracted considerable media coverage in recent years. The early focus was on professional football, a game built around high-speed and full contact between heavy, powerful players, but the scope of reporting and research has expanded widely to include sports at every level.... Read more
BULL play review: ‘Hard to sit still in your seat’
Tony (left) talking down to Thomas (right) making him feel worthless. The play BULL shows the ‘excruciating embarrassment’ of workplace bullying. There is a fine line between office politics, and playground bullying. In the latest play by Mike Bartlett, BULL the premise is simple – three people, two jobs.... Read more
(Photo Courtesy: Wikicommons) Canadian musicians gather in Hamilton this week to kick-off the 2015 JUNOfest. Over 64 acts are set to perform, including four-time JUNO Award winners The Sheepdogs and legendary Punk band Teenage Head. The festivities are set to take place in 16 different venues over the course... Read more
(Courtesy: Wikicommons) Prince plans to keep his fans guessing. The legendary pop icon announced a U.S. leg of his upcoming Hit & Run Tour which begins March 14. A venue has not-yet been disclosed, but the singer has confirmed the opening show will take place in Louisville, Kentucky. During... Read more
Sleep deprivation in the life of a post-secondary student
For most of us, finding time to sleep isn’t a simple task. But for post-secondary students, it can seem like a near impossibility. With the constant piling up of assignments and last-minute study plans for major tests or exams; students often find themselves sacrificing sleep in order to achieve... Read more
Measles outbreak in Toronto prompts warning to parents
The measles outbreak in Toronto has left many parents uncertain of the risks their children face attending school. Toronto Public Health diagnosed its sixth case of measles in the city this week and sent warning letters home with students. The purpose of the letter is to encourage parents to... Read more
Martin Luther King Jr. holding the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. The opening scene in Selma shows King receiving the award. Selma is one of the few movies about Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and his unwavering determination for African-American voting in the United States.  He received the... Read more
Leafs trapped by the Hurricanes
Photo courtesy of Reuters The Toronto Maple Leafs welcomed the Carolina Hurricanes to town on Monday evening. The Leafs were looking to snap their five-game losing-skid and find a way to reignite their seemingly inexistant offense. Entering the game, the Leafs found themselves seven points back of the Boston... Read more
Raptors close it out in Milwaukee
Photo courtesy of Reuters The Toronto Raptors rolled into Milwaukee on Monday to take on the inconsistent Bucks. Entering the game, the Raptors were 3-7 in their last ten and coming off a disappointing loss to the New Orleans Pelicans. Raptors guard, Terrance Ross found his groove early in... Read more
Maple Leafs held scoreless in Missouri
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI (REUTERS) – The Toronto Maple Leafs visited the Scottrade Centre to face the St. Louis Blues on Saturday, in a game that saw the entire Leafs roster under heavy scrutiny for the struggling offensive production since the firing of head coach Randy Carlyle. Toronto headed into... Read more