Students and faculty offer tips for managing your mental health and well-being during finals week
Finals can be incredibly stressful and nerve-wracking. For tips, Humber spoke to students Alyssa Tamang and Jacob Versace who share their perspective on how to manage your workload during this busy time. Skedline also spoke to Humber’s program coordinator for Mental Health and Addictions, who gave us insight into... Read more
“It makes you feel more empowered to do something”: Influencer Liza Koshy visits Humber

The impact Liza Koshy has on our generation

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Wellness Centre considering requests from students to provide COVID vaccine

The Wellness Centre is considering adding Covid-19 booster shot to their lists of available vaccinations for the Humber population.

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Humber hosts Black Excellence Showcase

Humber’s North Campus hosts a celebration of Black culture

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International students struggling with housing

The housing crisis is affecting international students

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“Always tired and still don’t make enough”: students struggle with inflation in Canadian economy

Canadian post-secondary students worry for their future amidst surging inflation

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