5 Books That Talked About The Rise And Fall Of Rob Ford
Robert Bruce “Rob” Ford was the Mayor for Toronto from 2010 to 2014. He was highly favored by his city as he rose to power and shocked the world through his struggles with drug and alcohol addictions. The books below talk about his life as a conflicted Torontonian and... Read more
Skedline – Elections
Skedline reporter, Sabrina Arruda, went out and asked Humber students about their upcoming student election.   Read more
Humber Hawks break their own OCAA record
Humber’s women’s basketball team has re-etched its name in history by topping the previous record for most points in a season by 58 in a game played against the Niagara Knights over reading week. The Hawks had a perfect season heading into their game versus the host Knights last Wednesday Feb. 17. The former holder... Read more
News Now – Feb. 2nd
Today’s news was brought to you by Roe Reid. Biz/Tech by Emily Bongelli, Entertainment by Luke Alexander and sports by Sadie Perfetto. Follow our site @skedline.com Follow us on Twitter: @skedline Read more
Weather Segment – Tuesday Feb. 2nd
Today’s weather was brought to you by Jiangli Tian and Bryann Paul Aguilar. The Groundhog Hog Day was brought to you by Johanna Tucker Read more
Ghomeshi Trial Day 2 Live coverage
Ghomeshi trial day 2 Reporter Anas Siddique talks about the cross-examination of the first witness, and the difference challenges facing the witness’s credibility. Reporter Earvin Solitario brings a update on the Ghomeshi Trial. Tune in for more live coverage Reporter Earvin Solitario is standing in front of Old City... Read more
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