Trump’s Twitter empire
Did you know that Trump’s Twitter followers are equal to the entire population of Colombia? Have you seen the president’s first-ever Tweet? You can find all that and more in this infographic. Read more
March 9 – SkedLIVE
PC leadership-race voting chaos
After debates over extensions, and heated arguments over things like gender equality and pay, there’s no doubt that the PC leadership race has been a rocky road. Voting is closed for PC leadership today (Friday, March 9), but many were saying they were unable to vote, or that voting... Read more
March 9 – SkedNOW
Join host Zach Weiler to find out more on today’s top stories. Read more
March 8 – Entertainment
Join Skedline’s Zach Weiler for today’s entertainment news.   Read more
#MeToo hits the Oscars
The Oscars are having a Harvey Weinstein moment. Street artists and protesters are making it clear that the Academy Awards are not going to avoid the movement that has blistered Hollywood. Skedline reporter Zach Weiler is discussing this story here.   Read more
Thursday Feb 15 Entertainment
Zach Weiler reports on entertainment news for Skedlive Read more
Five Reasons Why Venom is a Big Deal
        Sony’s Venom will be crawling his way onto the big screen this fall, much to the thrill of the villain’s fans. The character of Venom, a black-clad symbiote that earned his street cred as a Spider-Man villain, has never had a solo debut on the... Read more