Humber’s Athletic and Recreation Program seeks to offer students a fun escape
Humber Lakeshore’s Athletic and Recreation Program offers an opportunity to unwind and stay active through its drop-in sports initiative. The program, held at the end of each day, in the main gymnasium features a variety of sports such as badminton, basketball, volleyball and more. Students with a valid ID... Read more
Metroland downfall further threatens future of local reporting

About 600 employees of the Toronto Star-owned chain of community newspapers are being cut.

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Ontario’s minimum wage went up — but it’s still not enough, workers say
Ontario’s increase to the minimum wage from $15.50 to $16.55 went into effect last month. The 6.8 per cent increase was meant to help people in the face of high inflation and cost of living. But college students, many of whom work minimum wage jobs, are saying this isn’t... Read more
Construction of Humber’s new cultural hub seeks to make space for the arts

The construction of Humber’s Cultural Hub started early in the pandemic time and it’s still ongoing. However, students still don’t know much about it: when it’s going to be finished? Who funds it and what are they building, anyway? Find out all of these in our newest article!

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“It makes you feel more empowered to do something”: Influencer Liza Koshy visits Humber

The impact Liza Koshy has on our generation

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Wellness Centre considering requests from students to provide COVID vaccine

The Wellness Centre is considering adding Covid-19 booster shot to their lists of available vaccinations for the Humber population.

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Humber’s Sustainability Trail highlights green initiatives, but some say it’s not enough

Recently, Humber presented a new sustainability initiative. How effective has this project been so far? Find out in our newest article!

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Hawks men’s hockey snips Falcons’ wings with Humber tournament win

A comeback boosted the Humber Hawks men’s hockey team to victory over the Fanshawe Falcons in a home tournament on Nov. 17.

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Public relations conference to help with networking
Networking is a major aspect for anyone getting into their careers. This is why Humber College’s Public Relations program is having a conference to help people out. The conference happens every year around the same time. This year’s theme is “Retrospection: PR that made us, campaigns that changed us.”... Read more
The Hummm: Episode 2
Sports – beyond the competition
Welcome to another episode of The HUMMM, brought to you by the talented minds of Humber College’s Bachelor of Journalism program. In this segment, we dive headfirst into the dynamic world of sports, unraveling the ways it influences the personal lives of athletes and their families. Join us as... Read more