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North Afghanistan avalanches kill 180 people

North Afghanistan: Avalanches Kill 180 People

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Toronto start-up creates a fun climate change video game
Climate change games like Fate of the World and Plan it Green have had a tough time being both informative and fun. Better Creative, a Toronto start-up is confronting this challenge with their video game, Skyshapers. A game involving a jet-packed bird, whose job it is to clean up... Read more
Severe winter storm hammers Eastern seaboard
NEW YORK (REUTERS) – Forecasters say potentially 90 cm of snow could fall beating the recording of the biggest snowfall on record of 68 cm on Feb. 11. Philadelphia to Maine, Boston and New York beyond are expected to get hit the worst. “This could be the biggest snowstorm... Read more
Peel wants more compost, less garbage
Peel residents are not properly throwing out their compost, the public works commissioner Dan Lebrecque has told regional councilors. Lebrecque referred to the findings from his 2013 report of a bi-weekly garbage collection project on Thursday, Jan. 15. Despite regular recycling of glass, paper and plastic, Peel residents are... Read more
Bird friendly glass proposed for new buildings at Kipling and Lake Shore
On a typical weekday, a mass of students are scattered around Lake Shore Blvd. and Kipling Ave. in south Etobicoke. There are three schools are in the area: Humber College, Father John Redmond, and Lakeshore Collegiate, boasting over 9600 full time students between them. This number will jump in... Read more
Humber College earns silver STAR for sustainability

Humber College has improved the experience of environmental sustainability across its campuses and now has received a silver STARS certification this year to prove. Compared to other colleges in the GTA, said Humber administration, the school is getting ahead of the game when it comes to being green on campus.

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Canadians question Harper government’s sincerity to fight climate change
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s absence from the critical UN climate Summit on Tuesday raised renewed questions about his sincerity to fight climate change. “This prime minister has shown no leadership on climate change and indeed can’t even be bothered to show up,” said Liberal leader Justin Trudeau during question... Read more
Bringing fair trade to Humber
Fair Trade week is here at Humber College, but will it catch on with students? Sponsored by the the Humber Public Interest Research Group (HumPIRG) the event aims to persuade the Humber administration through the student body to adopt a fair trade policy for businesses on campus. Supporters of... Read more
Ontario Worst Roads Campaign begins tomorrow

Last year, Dufferin Street was voted as the worst road in Ontario. This year, motorists have the opportunity to select its successor.

The South Central Ontario branch of the Canadian Automobile Association starts its annual month-long campaign to name Ontario’s worst roads tomorrow.

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